Our Story

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My family has been bottling grape juice since 2006. The rich, bold flavor and aroma of hot-pressed grapes has unmistakably filled our home every fall since then, and this tradition became an annual family event.  


Like many of you, our family has loved bottling grape juice at home for generations. The rich flavor and unmistakable aroma of concord grapes steaming in a double boiler on the stove is the unmistakable conclusion to a successful harvest season. 


Not only does our family love drinking pure grape juice, but we also love gifting bottles to our friends and serving them with excellent meals when we have company for dinner. It’s an unmistakable flavor; one that reminds many people of a time gone by. We asked ourselves why this flavor didn’t exist commercially. We searched everywhere and couldn’t find it. We visited grocery stores and purchased bottled concord grape juice from every vineyard and winery we could find. We even tried to recreate what we make at home by buying concentrate and testing recipes. But the truth is that nothing could compare to pure, fresh, not-from-concentrate grape juices. 


Most other commercial grape juice is made from concentrate. It most likely isn’t 100% juice, but is loaded with cheap fillers, like water, sugar, other fruity flavors, and preservatives. This is why it tastes like it should come in a purple box with a straw. 


We at Amor Vines, however, wanted to create the highest quality product possible, using the fewest (typically one, or two if it’s a blend!) natural ingredients. We wanted to offer a healthy and natural alternative beverage as opposed to sodas, not only to our family, but to our friends. 


Amor Vines artisan grape juices have been served at weddings, corporate events, and virtual group cooking classes over Zoom! It’s now being served table side at restaurants, and at the bar as a premium, alcohol-free alternative to wine and spirits. Companies are sending bottles to clients for sober celebrations as holiday gifts, and as inclusive employee onboarding gifts. 


Celebrate life’s milestones, or simply enjoy a good meal with Amor Vines. These premium grape juices are the perfect way to toast life's best moments. 


Here's to celebrating those memories together.



The Ritchie family